Here at Spiral, our mission is to make every company on earth customer-centric.

We’re driven
by our values

We revise and iterate on these constantly.

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Customer Obsession

  • We work backward from the customer and think from their perspective.

Privacy Minded

  • We respect the data and protect the customers. Security is a mindset, and it starts from the beginning.

Crazy Ideas Welcome

  • Great ideas can come from anywhere. The best solution to the problem wins, no matter who came up with it.

Adapt Quickly

  • Things change. We use two-way doors to our advantage and iterate quickly.

Great Execution

  • We know the details and make informed decisions. We roll up our sleeves and operate on all levels.

Give First

  • We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We share knowledge and experience, and we help each other out.

Have Fun

  • We deliver products to customers and celebrate our success as we create them. We have an ongoing tradition of riding home after work together on our electric scooters!

We work remotely across the US

Working with companies all over the world.

Seattle, WA


About Spiral: How it All Began

That's the world our founders, Elena Zhizhimontova and Andrew DiLosa, set out to create when they founded Spiral in 2018. The two software engineers previously spent four years at Amazon, seeing firsthand the challenges of managing customer feedback data.

“We knew there had to be a better way. And after interviewing over 175 companies during our initial research, we learned that we weren’t alone in this problem," says Elena.

Spiral became the solution. Spiral is the first AI-powered system that analyzes, finds root causes, and prioritizes customer issues. It conducts massive amounts of issue research and root cause analysis for Support and CX and product organizations so that they can focus on rapidly deploying solutions before problems blow up.

Elena Zhizhimontova, Co-Founder & CEO

Elena Zhizhimontova

Co-Founder & CEO
Andrew DiLosa, Co-Founder & CTO

Andrew DiLosa

Co-Founder & CTO

Billy Colley

Sr. Software Engineer

Valerie Hajdik

Sr. Software Engineer
Machine Learning

Seth Johnson

Director of Sales

Elena Zhizhimontova

Co-Founder & CEO

Andrew DiLosa

Co-Founder & CTO

Seth Johnson

Director of Sales

Ksenia Zhizhimontova

Front-End Software Engineer

Mike Guacci

Product Operations Manager

Wilson Griffith

Sr Software Development Engineer

Emma Koehler

Sales Operations Specialist

Billy Marino

Head of Content

Sally Moore

Director of Engineering

Aaron Peddle

Sr. Software Engineer - AI/ML

Evelyn King

Sr. Software Engineer - AI/ML

Jason Steving

Sr. Software Engineer

Ely Lenik

Product Lead