Here at Spiral, our mission is to make every company on earth customer-centric.

We’re driven
by our values

We revise and iterate on these constantly.

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Customer Obsession

  • Work backwards from the customer
  • Think from the customer’s perspective

Privacy Minded

  • Respect the data, protect the customers
  • Security is a mindset, and it starts from the beginning

Crazy Ideas Welcome

  • Great ideas can come from anywhere
  • Best solution to the problem wins. Not limited by ‘not invented here’

Adapt Quickly

  • Things change. Use two-way doors to your advantage. Fast iteration is better than indecision
  • Always be on the lookout for fresh ideas

Great Execution

  • Know the details. Informed decisions lead to better and faster results.
  • Roll up your sleeves. Operate on all levels. Don’t be afraid to investigate

Give First

  • The whole is greater than the sum of its parts –  knowledge/experience is better shared than siloed
  • When someone asks for help, help them

Have Fun

  • Deliver products to customers and celebrate our success as we create it
  • We have an ongoing tradition to ride home after work together on our electric scooters! In fact, they are one of our company benefits :)

We’re located in Seattle

Located in Seattle. Working with companies all over the world.

Seattle, WA

Main Office
Elena Zhizhimontova, Co-Founder & CEO

Elena Zhizhimontova

Co-Founder & CEO
Andrew DiLosa, Co-Founder & CTO

Andrew DiLosa

Co-Founder & CTO

Billy Colley

Sr. Software Engineer

Valerie Hajdik

Sr. Software Engineer
Machine Learning

Seth Johnson

Director of Sales

Elena Zhizhimontova

Co-Founder & CEO

Andrew DiLosa

Co-Founder & CTO

Seth Johnson

Director of Sales

Ksenia Zhizhimontova

Front-End Software Engineer

Mike Guacci

Product Operations Manager

Wilson Griffith

Sr Software Development Engineer

Curtis Bolduc

Business Development Manager