we provide most of what you might ask for, even a scooter

Our Benefits


We cover 100% of your medical, dental, and vision premiums.


We have a flexible vacation policy so you can take the time off you need.


We provide access to the gym and showers in our building.


We believe scooting is the best way to get around town. We reimburse a scooter purchase.

Orca Card

We sponsor an Orca card if you prefer to bus instead of scooting.


We offer market competitive compensation.

Mother's Room

For breastfeeding mothers, we provide mothers’ rooms.

Free snacks

We provide free snacks right in our office to keep you running full.

we revise and iterate on these constantly

Our Values

Customer Obsession

  • Work backwards from the customer
  • Think from the customer’s perspective

Privacy Minded

  • Respect the data, protect the customers
  • Security is a mindset, and it starts from the beginning

Crazy Ideas Welcome

  • Great ideas can come from anywhere
  • Best solution to the problem wins. Not limited by ‘not invented here’

Adapt Quickly

  • Things change. Use two-way doors to your advantage. Fast iteration is better than indecision
  • Always be on the lookout for fresh ideas

Great Execution

  • Know the details. Informed decisions lead to better and faster results.
  • Roll up your sleeves. Operate on all levels. Don’t be afraid to investigate

Give First

  • The whole is greater than the sum of its parts –  knowledge/experience is better shared than siloed
  • When someone asks for help, help them

Have Fun

  • Deliver products to customers and celebrate our success as we create it
  • We have an ongoing tradition to ride home after work together on our electric scooters! In fact, they are one of our company benefits :)
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