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Prioritization and 360° vision is the name of the game

Analyzing customer support data is essential to understanding what’s important to your customer and how they’re interacting with your product. The most successful companies intentionally study their CS data and use it to inform many initiatives and multi-departmental decisions, including: customer service process, software bugs & product defects, helping marketers gain detailed brand & product sentiment, content strategy and blog ideas, UX/UI design, CX practices, product management, and impact on the P&L statement. 

Leaders in Marketing, Customer Service, and Product Management use Spiral’s AI-powered platform as their proverbial ‘war room’ to keep a curated tab on omnichannel support insights. Spiral carefully handles your data from customer chats, emails, phone calls, NPS, social, feedback forms, reviews, SMS, and then automatically groups issues into actionable categories, giving you a 360° predictive view of your customer experience issues before they escalate. 

From high-level reports to low-level support ticket detail, you’ll always know what’s happening.

  • Maintain a pulse on every aspect of your product

    Stay in the know about every part of your product, from UX to technical function, to business success, helping you plan your roadmaps to address existing and new issues.

  • 360° view of your customers

    Spiral helps you match up transaction metadata with support data and customer feedback to have a complete picture of their lifetime CX.

  • Discover hot issues

    Spiral’s AI shows you ‘hot issues’ that need to move to the top of your list and identifies new emerging issues so you never miss a beat.

  • Quantify the impact

    Quantify the precise impact that existing and new issues have on your customers.

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