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Director of Sales @ Spiral


An Unconventional Method To Eliminate 15% Of Support Calls

Not only is it easy to eliminate 15% of support contact volume, but you can do it within 60 days! 

The only requirement is: you’ll need to know each issue driving <1% of customer contact volume – and most companies do not!

Understandably, companies are often aware of the issues that apparently drive the highest volume of contacts. However, there aren’t always quick, clean answers to the problems driving the most contacts. Take these two scenarios for example: 

  1. 5% of customers may be routinely calling in about a transaction or account status due to many reasons out of your control, from server outages to supply chain issues – whatever the flavor of the day might be.


  2. 0.8% of customers suddenly start complaining that the “forgot password is leading me to a blank page,” and this is currently blocking them from logging in to make purchases! 

Rather than starting “top down,” consider the “bottom up” approach, where you ‘search and destroy’ issues that drive lower contact volume. Just because some issues drive lower support volume than some apparent top issues, does not mean they aren’t as harmful to the customer experience. 

In fact, some issues that drive <1% of contact volume cause a disproportionately high amount of churn!

Let’s get these issues on your radar right now! There are usually dozens of issues that drive up to 1% of contact volume, and yet they aren’t fixed because they either don’t seem big enough to prioritize, or they go unnoticed altogether. They’re hard for humans to notice, which is a perfect use case for Artificial Intelligence. When bundled, 15 of these small, simple roadblocks (broken buttons / links, missing account info etc.) make up a substantial portion of support contact volume. By the way, an issue driving 1% of inquiries does not mean it’s only affecting 1% of customers – usually 5-10x the amount of customers experienced it, but they just gave up on your product or maybe even churned without you knowing. 

Let’s fix this: Spiral’s live, AI-detected list of issues includes the specific number of customers that reported being impacted by each problem, and performs the root cause analysis for you. This lets you sort by the most egregious customer problems that lead to churn, so you can not only decrease contact volume, but also retain these customers! 

Ready to eliminate 15% of your support contact volume within 60 days? If so, let’s chat about setting your team up with a trial of Spiral to experience what life is like when you have an AI issue detection system working for you.

What is Spiral?

Specific customer issue detection using the latest machine learning (ML) + AI research, and neural networks. 

How can I try Spiral? 

If you’re curious what Spiral’s turnkey insight solution can find in your customer feedback, let’s chat. Schedule a demo and before our first call, we’ll scan your company’s customer reviews and show you a personalized demo dashboard based on your public data.

We can get started with as little as one feedback channel, or process all channels in your omnichannel support program. We work with live chat, support emails, phone calls, NPS, DSAT, CSAT, social media, reviews, SMS, surveys – or any channel you consider to be feedback. 

Our customers come from spaces such as: financial services / banking / credit unions, fintech, connected hardware and software, insurance, retail, B2C SaaS, and managed marketplaces – and we’d love to hear from you. 

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Spiral takes in omnichannel customer feedback and converts it into clear and prioritized issues. Companies use Spiral to detect emerging customer-facing issues, solve them, and make sure they don’t happen again. We integrate with your CRM and handle millions of feedback pieces each day.

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