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Director of Sales @ Spiral


Can your team detect a customer issue in < 1 minute? 

In 2023, AI is a better, faster customer issue detective than your employees, so free up their time to focus on higher leverage tasks.

If you’re like the average organization, it will take you 3-8+ weeks to detect, research, and then solve a problem surfaced by customers. Today, companies spend weeks going through a standard set of manual issue research steps, which we call The Issue Maze. It looks like this: 

  1. Symptom – find the symptom of an issue by reading surveys and comments
  2. Priority – estimate # of customers being affected
  3. New / Existing Problem – new, isolated problem, or part of an ongoing issue? 
  4. Root Cause – dig through BI tables to determine the affected segments of customers and why
  5. Solve it!

Each step takes anywhere from a couple days to upwards of a week. Meanwhile Customer Support is putting out the same fires for this 1 issue over and over, burning through precious time and budget. Your customers yearn for this process to be faster & better. 

And you can be faster & better! But not by working harder. By working smarter. Incremental, evolutionary gains aren’t going to magically transform your Customer Experience (CX) – Revolutionary decisions will. A long time-to-solution kills CX because you’re leaving your customers stranded in frustration while you frantically try to figure out what’s going wrong. 

To change this, you have to flip the paradigm on its head. It starts with embracing a sophisticated AI solution that has been custom-built to find and research customer issues for you, saving issue researchers – like PM, CX, CS, Analytics and Data Science folks – 1000s of collective hours in the process. Because since your customers contact you 100k+ times per week, there’s no possible way that even an ‘army’ of humans could keep up. 

Let’s fix this: Spiral handles the first 4 of 5 steps in The Issue Maze, allowing you to skip right to the solution every time. Instead of taking 3-8+ weeks, Spiral takes minutes to ‘speedrun’ through the maze. In fact, since Spiral’s issue analysis is so thorough and quick – including the root cause analysis! – you’ll wonder how you survived without it. 

Ready to transform your time-to-solution from weeks to minutes? If so, let’s chat about setting your team up with a trial of Spiral to experience what life is like when you have an AI issue detection system working for you. 

What is Spiral?

Specific customer issue detection using the latest machine learning (ML) + AI research, and neural networks. 

How can I try Spiral? 

If you’re curious what Spiral’s turnkey insight solution can find in your customer feedback, let’s chat. Schedule a demo and before our first call, we’ll scan your company’s customer reviews and show you a personalized demo dashboard based on your public data.

We can get started with as little as one feedback channel, or process all channels in your omnichannel support program. We work with live chat, support emails, phone calls, NPS, DSAT, CSAT, social media, reviews, SMS, surveys – or any channel you consider to be feedback. 

Our customers come from spaces such as: financial services / banking / credit unions, fintech, connected hardware and software, insurance, retail, B2C SaaS, and managed marketplaces – and we’d love to hear from you. 

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Spiral takes in omnichannel customer feedback and converts it into clear and prioritized issues. Companies use Spiral to detect emerging customer-facing issues, solve them, and make sure they don’t happen again. We integrate with your CRM and handle millions of feedback pieces each day.

Our mission is to make every company on earth customer-centric.

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