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Director of Sales @ Spiral


Cut your Cost Per Contact in Half!

The industry average is $7.16 per contact, and some are even $25+, depending on channel & product complexity. But your org’s support Cost Per Contact (CPC) can be, and should be lower! As a starting point, if you shaved just $1 or $2 off your CPC – what would that do to your bottom line? 

Excess customer support live chats, calls, and emails bleed money unnecessarily. Today, agents spend far too much time gathering info from customers, taking notes on their problems, and fumbling around while unfamiliar with the proper fix. Good news: there is a technology solution for this. Here’s 4 ways you can quickly reduce cost: 

  1. Empower your agents to handle more contacts per hour
  2. Help your customers self-serve
  3. Increase chatbot coverage
  4. Decrease note-taking & tagging requirements for agents

Empower your agents to handle more contacts per hour

To handle more contacts per hour, agents obviously need to spend less time on each one.


Let’s fix this & save $: Since Spiral gives you a live list of reported bugs & service issues, agents will be rapidly trained & alerted to emerging issues. When all issues become known issues, managers can quickly deploy responses & fixes so agents & customers spend less time in problem discovery. 

Help your customers self-serve 

To make self-service solutions searchable in your knowledge base, you’ll have to know the exact language customers are using to describe the problem – the slightest variation in your article’s title & wording can mean the difference between customers finding their answer and not. 

Let’s fix this & save $: Spiral displays the specific wordings your customers are using to describe the problem at hand, so your CS or Content teams can mirror it accordingly. 

Increase chatbot coverage

Many simple problems are being unnecessarily routed to human agents for solving. That’s because these problems – however simple – are still blindspots to the chatbot. 

Let’s fix this & save $: When programming chatbot responses, start at the top of Spiral’s issue list and work your way down to increase the number of contacts that can be auto-solved by a chatbot. 

Decrease note-taking & tagging requirements for agents

This is still important data to capture, but having agents do this manually wastes valuable time. 

Let’s fix this & save $: Spiral scans full support conversations and auto-assigns descriptive tags with each issue they mention, creating new tags as new issues arise. Since Spiral takes care of detecting and alerting Product & Engineering leaders of all mentioned bugs and service issues, agents can now focus on notes related to serving the customer, not reporting the issue internally – saving minutes per contact. 

Ready to lower your Cost Per Contact? If so, let’s chat about setting your team up with a trial of Spiral to experience what life is like when you have an AI issue detection system working for you.

What is Spiral?

Specific customer issue detection using the latest machine learning (ML) + AI research, and neural networks. 

How can I try Spiral? 

If you’re curious what Spiral’s turnkey insight solution can find in your customer feedback, let’s chat. Schedule a demo and before our first call, we’ll scan your company’s customer reviews and show you a personalized demo dashboard based on your public data.

We can get started with as little as one feedback channel, or process all channels in your omnichannel support program. We work with live chat, support emails, phone calls, NPS, DSAT, CSAT, social media, reviews, SMS, surveys – or any channel you consider to be feedback. 

Our customers come from spaces such as: financial services / banking / credit unions, fintech, connected hardware and software, insurance, retail, B2C SaaS, and managed marketplaces – and we’d love to hear from you. 

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Spiral takes in omnichannel customer feedback and converts it into clear and prioritized issues. Companies use Spiral to detect emerging customer-facing issues, solve them, and make sure they don’t happen again. We integrate with your CRM and handle millions of feedback pieces each day.

Our mission is to make every company on earth customer-centric.

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